Idaho Wells Griffons

       Here atIdaho Wells Griffons our goal and devotion is to only better the Griffon breed by producing quality Wirehaired Pointing Griffons with pure natural talent and ability from solid lines.

           Being Griffon enthusiasts, we work hard to bring up truly amazing hunters, as well as family dogs with the best temperament and personality. Every Griff pup we raise is a part of our family and will receive the crucial handling and training time every pup needs, in order to develop a solid foundation.  Breeding and raising Griff pups is our hobby and passion. We really enjoy spending time with the pups and watching them grow. We invest time with each pup individually to get to know that pups personality and traits. 

​We require anyone who is interested in aquiring one of our Griffs, to have done their homework and are knowledgable on the breed. Griffons are a very unique breed and to someone ill-informed, that would think to treat and discipline them like any other dog, could very easily ruin a fine dog by not doing their homework and educating themselves.

Griffons are EXTREMELY intelligent, I have yet to come across a more "intuitive" and smarter dog by nature. Griffons are also extremely sensitive and aware.... They require little to no discipline, and agressive, physical discipline, will only end up ruining the dog. They take criticism very personal and hold grudges, they are quick to get their feelings hurt.... you will know by one of the many expressions on their face. They are heavy hearted by nature, they feel and show every emotion we feel, and are affected by our moods. They constantly watch and try to understand what we are thinking/feeling.  A Griff will know you better than you know yourself...


From talking to us, telling us about yourselves and where you live, your household, and what kind of hunting you will be doing, letting us get a feel of who you are, we are able to match up pups to the best suitable owner and household. All people are different, same goes for dogs. All dogs have different traits and personalities, that one person might consider a downfall and clash with. While another person can appreciate and connect greatly with the same dog. We have gained a skill for matchingthese pairings up.