K.G.C.A.  (U.S.)

  The driving force behind the creation of the Korthals Griffon Club of America is to educate breeders and buyers of the unintended health consequences of the hybrid introduction.


    President: Carol Ptak    


​Here you will find the WPG database, the works of Barbara Young, who devoted many years of her life to the database and its now over 40,000 manual entries. 
Herrenhausen database

Proud members of the Korthals Griffon club of America.

Primary and sole objectives of the KGCA and KGA are as follows:

A) To encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Korthals
Griffons and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;
(b) To urge members and breeders to accept the approved KGA standard of the
breed as the only standard of excellence by which the Korthals Griffon shall be
(c) To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by
encouraging sportsmanlike competition at all events which the breed may qualify
d) To present a united voice on Korthals Griffon matters to the dog world, our governing bodies and all interested parties.

Every Korthals griffon is a WPG... however, currently only a small number of WPG's are authentic Korthals Griffons.

The goal and devotion of both the K.G.C.A. and the K.G.A. is to preserve what is left of the Korthals, to further it from extinction by growing its population, by-way of planned breedings of carefully selected pairings from pre-approved, genuine Korthals canidates, along with extensive pedigree researching and global lineage tracing. 

For more information on the authentic Korthals, to know what factors determine a dog to be considered an authentic Korthals Griffon, find out if your dog is an authentic Korthals, or for more information on the K.G.C.A. or K.G.A. membership info, tan point, genetic defaults and health deficiencies introduced and carried by the hybrid, gain an understanding of why it is so crucial to preserve and restore the Korthals Griffon purebred heritage. It starts with awareness, do your part to contribute to the betterment of the breed by educating yourself and sharing your awareness with others. Start with the information provided to everyone by the clubs listed below.. 









Both clubs created it's own facebook group, with the intent of educating WPG enthusiast, owners and breeders on the Korthals Griffon. Any and all WPG owners and aspiring owners or breeders, are welcome and encurraged to join the groups, to get active in Korthals discusions, in hopes of educating yourself and others.

Joining the Global Authentic Korthals Griffon movement

         ​                               K.G.A. (U.K.)

 Dedicated to the Global Promotion and Protection of the Korthals Griffon


​                                 President: Colleen Porter

       Here at  Idaho Wells Griffons our goal and devotion is to only better the Griffon breed by producing quality Wirehaired Pointing Griffons with pure natural talent and ability from solid lines. All of our dogs are health tested, hips and elbows.  

           Being Griffon enthusiasts, we work hard to bring up truly amazing hunters, as well as family dogs with the best temperament and personality. Every Griffon pup we raise is a part of our family and will receive the crucial handling and training time every pup needs, in order to develop a solid foundation.  Breeding and raising Griffons is our hobby and passion. We really enjoy spending time with the puppies and watching them grow. We invest time with each puppy individually to get to know that pups personality and traits. 

​We require anyone who is interested in acquiring one of our Griffons, to have done their homework and are knowledgable on the breed. Griffons are a very unique breed and to someone ill-informed, that would think to treat and discipline them like any other dog, could very easily ruin a fine dog by not doing their homework and educating themselves.

Griffons are EXTREMELY intelligent, I have yet to come across a more "intuitive" and smarter dog by nature. Griffons are also extremely sensitive and aware.... They require little to no discipline, and agressive, physical discipline, will only end up ruining an otherwise perfect dog. They take criticism very personal and hold grudges, they are quick to get their feelings hurt.... you will know by one of the many expressions on their face. They are heavy hearted by nature, they feel and show every emotion we feel, and are affected by our moods. They constantly watch and try to understand what we are thinking/feeling.  A Griff will know you better than you know yourself...


From talking to us, telling us about yourselves and where you live, your household, and what kind of hunting you will be doing, letting us get a feel of who you are, we are able to help match up the best puppy to suit your needs/style. All people are different, same goes for dogs. All dogs have different traits and personalities, that one person might consider a downfall and clash with, while another person can appreciate and connect greatly with the same dog. We have gained a skill for matching  these pairings up.

​​Some things you should know as a potential purchaser of a WPG or Korthals Griffon.

Way to often do we see WPG breeders claiming a litter as an authentic Korthals litter, produced by an "authentic Korthals" breeding pair; far more often than not, this proves itself to be a false claim. Some of these claims are unintentional lies, due to negligence of educating oneself on the matter, or miss-information they were provided by another breeder or mentor. Other false claims of purebred Korthals are made while fully aware of the miss-representation, but are most likely in denial of what is pure and what isn't, and the unwillingness to see their dogs lines, and pups they produce as hybrids and not Korthals. 

One thing to note- A litter of pups might seem very appealing, with a pretty ad highlighting a few or even generations of champions. Just remember- all the show or hunt titles in the world have no meaning when it comes to a Pure or how badly a dogs lines are affected, titles or no titles, a hybrid is still a hybrid.

A dog free of the tan point gene DOES NOT mean that dog is an authentic or pure Korthals Griffon. Breeders will often try to claim this. The K-Locust test only detects the tan point gene. A dog can be free of the tan point gene and still be far from a purebred Korthals. A 10 generation pedigree search is the ONLY way of separating without question, Korthals from a hybrid.

The only way for you to know with absolute certainty if a litter is an authentic Korthals litter, or if a breeding pair is pure, as it is claimed to be. You must ask directly from a source with all knowledge. The KGCA or the KGA, both presidents and board members are very helpful and happy to educate or assist in determining a Korthals legitimacy. The two club facebook groups I listed are also a good place to find help. You can also message us directly from this website, we are always more than happy to help anyone who is making the effort to do right by this amazing breed and get educated.. The two of us have become very familiar with WPG lines in the US; we utilize the Herrenhausen database regularly, countless hours of endless pedigree and line researching, exploring any possible avenue in the quest to find any undiscovered authentic Korthals Griffons.

Idaho Wells Griffons