Idaho Wells Griffons

BT's Idaho Wells Detlaff

Detlaff is from BT Griffs out of Ohio. We searched long and hard, 2 years of pedigree researching to find Brenda and Tom Swartz and their lines of Authentic Korthals. 

We have been extremely happy with Detlaff... He has such a calm demeanor, he is a goofball playful, and incredibly smart. 

He has incredible hunt drive, he ventures out farthest of all of our dogs. He really knows how to work a field, all while still being aware of where his hunter is.

Detlaff has a beautiful tight coat, perfect for hunting. He has a beautiful steel grey body, with a very harsh coat. Burrs, sticks or anything the like found while hunting, does not stick to him, he is very low maintenance. 


Detlaff's puppies have proven to be excellent hunters as well as house dogs.

Detlaff has the kindest sweetest soul, there is not a mean bone in his body. He will never show aggression to another dog. That is soo important, there are soo many griffon lines with dominant aggression. His puppies have shown this very important sensitive demeanor and trait.  We are soo proud to put out his puppies that also shine with this quality.