BT's Idaho Wells Detlaff

Detlaff is our new male from BT Griffs out of Ohio. We searched long and hard, 2 years of pedigree researching to find Brenda and Tom Swartz and their lines of Authentic Korthals. 

We have been extremely happy with Detlaff... He has such a calm demeanor, he is a goofball and playful, and incredibly smart.

He has incredible hunt drive, he ventures out farthest of all of our dogs. He really knows how to work a field, all while still being aware of where his hunter is.

Detlaff has a beautiful tight coat, perfect for hunting. He has a beautiful steel grey body, with a very harsh coat. Burrs, sticks or anything the like found while hunting, does not stick to him, he is very low maintenance.     

Idaho Wells Griffons