Idaho Wells Griffons

Idaho Wells Marley

Marley is the 3rd generation of our own lines from selective breeding. We couldn't be happier with how she has turned out, she is everything we expected and more, when we planned for her 3 generations ago.

Marley's temperament and demeanor is everything you would expect from a well bred Griffon. She is very confident in herself and extremely smart; she doesn't have a shy bone in her body and listens extremely well, making her very easy to train. In the house she is very goofy and playful, she loves attention and affection but knows when it is time to wind down. She is very sensitive and does get her feelings hurt if she is scollded or thinks she is in trouble, all she wants to do is please her people.

Marley's conformation, structure and movement is perfect, her qualities are show ring worthy. She will also hunt with the best of them, in the field is where she loves to be; she comes from some of the best hunting lines in the country. Marley is the ideal Griffon. We are very excited about the offspring she will produce.