Idaho Wells Griffons

Goofball with a ton of hunt drive. That is Rosie aka Idaho Wells Sawtooth Syren (Idaho Wells Detlaff x Haley Von Herrenhausen) at less than 1.5 years old, She is still coming into herself, but I don't think she will ever outgrow the 'goofball' that she naturally bestows. 

Rosie continues to amaze us all the time with her natural instinct, she loves water, isn't afraid of anything. I have videos of her dive-bombing into a pool after a ball, repeatedly, with grace and serious ball aggresion. She is very agile with her cat-like movements, quick on her feet. When she is working, she is in serious business mode and all goofiness is set to the fore-ground, I can't wait to get her on birds this season and get to witness her at her full potential.   

Idaho Wells Sawtooth Syren