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Idaho Wells Griffons

Be prepared to be amazed; What else is there to say! Once you make your decision to acquire a Griffon pup from Mike & Danielle… the ‘friendship’ begins. They keep you abreast of all the news/updates on ‘your’ puppy right up to the time you come and pick up your new family member. It feels great being able to ‘participate' in this process.
Now, when you do finally meet Mike & Danielle and their ‘really great’ Griffon family, you will immediately realize that these two love what they do and sharing their love of Griffons with others. Yes; your decision to invest with Idaho Wells Griffons will be one of the best decisions you have made in a while! Di & I are 'first time’ Griffon owners, having been Lab owners throughout our life’s. Mike & Danielle are happy to answer all your questions… either by phone, through email, or in person! Their goal is not only to ensure their pup goes to the best home possible, but that you as the new ‘forever family’ have all the information you could possibly need to make this transition as flawless as possible. 
Our pup, Smokey, is everything as advertised. He has that ‘look’... he has that calm temperament & personality that Griffons are known for... he’s smart… he’s healthy… he’s inquisitive… and he wants to ‘please’. Like all new puppy owners, ours has just got to be the best… :) Here’s what I can tell you that at four months Smokey seems to be understanding; he’s housebroke (YES!); he understands sit, stay, come, ok, wait (I use this instead of ‘whoa’), and yes…. he knows ’NO’. He is crate trained and thinks of it as his own special place. Smokey ‘points' just about anything and everything in the yard… Robbins, wood peckers, and yes, the rabbits as well! He knows which couch he’s allowed on and which couch he’s not. Smokey stays with me during our daily outings to the fields and understands the ‘whistle’. Smokey knows EXACTLY what ‘Where’s the Bone’ means and loves this game of shed hunting! Smokey behaves very well on the leash and enjoys the everyday walks around the neighborhood and ‘meeting’ everyone and their dogs. Smokey ‘rides’ (well mostly sleeps) well in the truck. At four months old, Smokey seems to be coming along very well in my book!
Obviously if you are reading this, you are either looking for or considering the purchase of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Be assured, your decision to use Mike & Danielle of Idaho Wells Griffons will be that ‘proverbial’ best decision ever! 
Thank you Mike & Danielle… FOR EVERYTHING!

Your Friends in Montana,
Ron & Diane

PS: For those hunters wondering about making a change from ‘Labs’ to Griffons… did I happen to mention that Griffons don’t shed!

If any future dog owners are considering Idaho Wells Griffons as their breeder, look no further. We never owned a Griff before this year, just a lab and vizsla. Our kids are ages 10-16 and we knew this would be our last family dog. After researching most of 2018 and being on wait lists with other breeders, we are glad we got our dog from Mike Wells.

In the spring we welcomed Scout into our house. With the usual pet appointments we found that Scout was not gaining enough weight or getting the nutrition she needed. After 6 weeks of weekly appointments and lots of testing our vet had ruled out common ailments/issues. After emailing Mike and his consultations with his vet, we decided that Scout needed more than we could give. Mike picked up Scout and gave us a puppy out of his next litter. This was a really hard decision for our family. My husband had never had a pup as attentive and birdy as Scout but we knew that she would not have a full life.

In August we picked up our new puppy Teal and visited Scout. Scout looked great and although she was not 100% yet, she was making huge strides in her recovery. After getting Teal home and settled in, we got started training. She is a smart, attentive and strong Griffon that will go anywhere with a duck in her mouth. Nothing is more enjoyable than going for our daily training walks and have her begging to learn something new. We look forward to her first hunt in the coming months and are really happy that this process had such a positive outcome. Idaho Wells Griffon stands behind their dogs 100% and we are thrilled to have one of their Griffs.

Joy Smith-Hurley

 Yamhill, Or. 

Where do I even begin? I can’t say enough good things about Mike and Danielle Wells. Not only are they knowledgeable and amazing breeders, but they have become our friends too. We got our very first (and only so far) Griffon from them in May of 2016. We absolutely love and adore our pup, Moose. He has been the easiest dog to train. He was potty trained at 9 weeks which speaks a lot to how well Mike and Danielle take care of the puppies from day one. We will forever get our future Griffs from them. Anytime I have a concern or question they have been there to help us. Thank you Mike and Danielle for the best dog ever and for your friendship.

  Seth and Kramer Corbell- Orange California

Ive truly never been more in love!!! She is the sweetest, best puppy/dog I've honestly ever had. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

 She's honestly been so awesome!!!  She whined the first night (to be expected) but last night she did awesome, slept basically throughout the night. I can understand if your sad and miss her cause gosh she's a sweetie and the best puppy!!! I'll continue to send pics :) thanks again for such an awesome dog and all your guys hard work being such awesome breeders :). Deedra Sent from my iPhone

Deedra Cook

Nampa, Idaho

I meant to send you this last weekend.  We got Tekestar out to introduce him to the gun and he rocked it. Never flinched or looked back once.  Started at 50 yards then 25 then 10 and by the fourth shot we were going right over his head.  I think he's got potential.  We will be introducing him to birds next week.

Michael Torvick

Bend, Oregon


Idaho Wells Griffons,

Just wanted to thank you all so much for such a great bird hunter and hunting partner. We are so pleased with Jace... He's so cute and smart! People comment us on him everywhere he goes. The first day we took him out to see what he could do, he was retrieving ducks. We are so glad we chose Idaho Wells. Keep up the good work because I'm pretty sure we will have to have another Griffy to join Jace.

We were so pleased at the continual updates from the week before he was born until the moment we picked him up at the airport. Also, he was already using puppy pads and basically housebroken when we got him at 8 weeks (that's amazing and a huge plus). Thank you guys for making us such happy griff owners.

Bryant & Jessika Lilly
Newport, Tennessee​